Press release: Patak Motors unveiled the PATAK RODSTER concept car during the Gala dinner at the Festival Automobile International in Paris.

On May 23rd, 2022 the Patak Rodster had its world premiere at the Gala Dinner for the Award Ceremony of Grand Prizes for the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year at the Festival Automobile International in Paris, 37th.  You can watch video from the unveiling at Gala dinner here --->

The Rodster has boldly entered the L7eA2 class category of microcars with the reinvention of classical cars of the 30s, putting the elegance, impeccable design and the joy of driving front and centre.

The Patak Rodster is a modern 2-seater designed to meet the needs of contemporary urban citizens with the latest technology, practicality, affordability and safety. It comes in a fully electric or combustion engine version - with or without a roof based on the climate and customer preference.

Elegant Design

With a silhouette reminiscent of classic cars, the Rodster shows off a beautiful art deco front grille, the distinguished Patak Motors logo masthead, boat tail, retro headlamps and sprocket wheels. This new take on a classic derives inspiration from the gentleman’s cars of the 30s, when cars were beautiful, lightweight and efficient without all the extra fuss. Clean, intuitive and in petrol version even analogue interior features, including a wooden dashboard and ergonomic leather seats. Topped off with detailed accessories in chrome or matte black.

A compact size of 3360x1360x1395 mm, aerodynamic shape, and low vehicle weight of 400kg without battery translates into a range of 250 km, easy handling, increased dynamics, enhanced safety and energy efficiency.

With minimalistic yet steady construction and high-quality materials, the Rodster is designed to be a low maintenance car.

Top Technology

The Patak Rodster has been designed both as a fully electric or combustion engine vehicle.

There are two electric versions with a range of 100 km or 250 km respectively. The vehicle can be fully charged with a house plug in just 4 to 9 hours. Electric models have a maximum speed of 130 km/hour, while the combustion engine model with automatic transmission reaches up to 125km/hour. Driving comfort is enhanced by independent, super triangle suspension and rear-wheel drive


Designed for all climates, the Rodster comes with or without a roof. The roofed version of the Rodster features heating and AC, while the open roof version comes with rain protection. The Rodster provides comfortable seating for 2 and a baggage capacity of 200l in the electric model.


Passenger safety is addressed by the in-house specially designed, robust yet light chassis made of steel and aluminium, long absorption zone, 4 - disc brakes with ABS and a 3 point seat belts.

Second car

Rodster has the ambition to become the 2nd or 3rd car for those who are not afraid to stand out and really want to experience the full range of driving emotions. Thanks to the driving licence of B/B1 in the heavy quadricycle category, in some countries the Rodster can be driven from age 16.

With prices starting at 16 900 € for the petrol model and 22 900 € for electric, the first cars are expected to leave the assembly line in 2024. The Patak Rodster can already be pre - reserved online at, with or without a roof and in 5 striking colours with a deposit of just 500 €.

Our vision

While the majority of electric vehicles are positioned as reasonable, conscious consumer choices, the Rodster openly targets drivers who want a car with irresistible charm, style and great functionality.

We believe that by using our car, customers can feel a lot of joy: joy of classic design, advanced technology, affordable price, low operating cost and in the case of electric car - a zero local carbon footprint.

For inquiries, please, feel free to contact us at: More info and pictures for free download are available at

Annexes: Technical specifications, pictures and video from the world premiere in Paris.

Technical specification:

1/ Electric drive version 1

Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Power (kW): 15(30)
Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 7
Maximum speed (km/h): 130
Battery capacity (kWh): 10
Range (km): 100
Weight excl. accumulator (kg): 450
Number of seats: 2
Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

2/ Electric drive version 2

Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Power (kW): 15(30)
Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 7
Maximum speed (km/h): 130
Battery capacity (kWh): 20
Range (km): 250
Weight excl. accumulator (kg): 450
Number of seats: 2
Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

Electric vehicles come with display of battery charge as percentage, on-board computer, braking energy recovery and 12 V - 55 W socket.

3/ Combustion version

Motor type: 4 stroke water cooling, one cylinder 4 valves OHC
Transmission: CVT
Power (kW): 15
Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 9
Maximum speed (km/h): 125
Average consumptionper 100km (l): 5,6
Tank capacity (l): 35
Weight (kg): 450
Number of seats: 2
Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

All vehicles come with:

  • - Four disc brakes
  • - ABS
  • - Three-point self-retracting seat belts
  • - Immobilizer
  • - Adjustable seats
  • - Dashboard compartment
  • - Rollover protection frame
  • - Electric locking
  • - Electric windows
  • - Windshield wiper with cycles and washer
  • - Rain protector for roofless version
  • - 5 basic colours (more at surcharge)


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