Press release from the NITRA 2022 motor show

Slovak startup - the small urban, ecological vehicle Patak Rodster - has its exhibition premiere today at the Nitra motor show

Starting today, in pavilion M3 at the Autoshow Nitra 2022, you can see the prototype of the 2-seater, small city car Patak Rodster of the Slovak manufacturer Patak Motors. When creating the design, Patak Motors teamed up with the world-famous Evektor design studio, whose representatives will also be available today at the Patak Motors showroom. The Patak Rodster has the ambition to contribute to the development of intelligent and sustainable mobility, not only in Slovakia, with its economical yet attractive design and technical sophistication.

Small urban vehicle Patak Rodster stands out from other vehicles in its category with a design that explicitly encourages you to rediscover the joy of driving. Its designers were inspired by classic cars from the 1930s, but designed it to meet the needs of today's urban customers, to be economical and easy to park in the city.

Compact dimensions of 3360x1360x1395 mm, small frontal area, aerodynamic shape, narrow wheels with low rolling resistance, light construction and low weight of the vehicle (450 kg without battery) translate into a long range, increased dynamics, easy handling, better safety and energy efficiency.

Within its L7eA2 class, also known as heavy four-wheelers or microcars, Patak Motors achieves the maximum permitted driving parameters. The Patak Rodster will be available in gasoline or fully electric versions with a range of up to 250 km and a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

A B/B1 driver's license is required for the Rodster, so it will be able to be driven by people from the age of 16. The technical specifications of the vehicle are listed in the annex to this TS.

The Patak Rodster can be booked now at, with a choice of roofless or roofed, electric or petrol versions. The reservation fee is only €500 without VAT, the price of the vehicle starts from €16,900. Patak Motors plans to mass produce the Roadster from 2023/2024 in Slovenka in Vrbove.

World premiere in Paris

The Patak Rodster had its world premiere this May at a gala dinner on the occasion of the awarding of the main awards for the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year at the 37th Festival Automobile International in Paris. You can watch a video from the unveiling at the Gala dinner here --->

RODSTER had its Slovak premiere at the international professional conference By Design Conference 2022, where it attracted the interest of one of the best designers in the world, Brian Collins from the Collins studio (you can find a video with Brian Collins here).

It will have its premiere for the general public at the Autoshow Nitra 2022 in pavilion M3.

Elegant Design

The Patak Rodster draws its inspiration from the gentleman's cars of the 1930s, which were elegantly shaped, light and powerful without unnecessary and complicated elements. The front part of the vehicle is dominated by an art deco grille with a distinctive logo, the rear part is in the shape of a boat's tail, other design elements are retro headlights and spoked wheels, available in chrome or matte black. The clean, intuitive and even analog interior in the petrol version is dominated by a wooden instrument panel and ergonomic leather seats.

The retro design also contributes to the vehicle's sustainability. Classics never go out of fashion and thus the temptation to change the car every 3-4 years because of an outdated design is eliminated.

With minimalistic yet steady construction and high-quality materials, the Rodster is designed to be a low-maintenance car.

Top Technology

The Patak Rodster has been designed both as a fully electric or combustion engine vehicle.

There are two electric versions with a range of 100 km or 250 km respectively. The vehicle can be fully charged with a household plug in just 4 to 9 hours. Electric models have a maximum speed of 130 km/hour, while the combustion engine model with automatic transmission reaches up to 125 km/hour. Driving comfort is enhanced by independent, super triangle suspension and rear-wheel drive


The Rodster is designed for all weather conditions and comes with or without a roof. The roofed version of the Rodster is equipped with heating and air conditioning (for a fee), while the open-top version is equipped with rain protection. The Rodster provides comfortable seating for 2 people and a luggage compartment with a volume of 200 l in the electric model.


The safety of passengers is ensured by its own, specially designed, robust and at the same time light steel and aluminum construction, a long absorption zone, 4-disc brakes with ABS and 3-point seat belts.

Second car

The Rodster has the ambition to become the 2nd or 3rd vehicle for those who are not afraid to stand out and want to really experience the whole range of driving emotions. Thanks to the B/B1 driving license and classification in the category of heavy four-wheelers (class L7eA2), in some countries the Rodster can be driven from the age of 16.

The price

The price of the gasoline model starts at €16,900 and the price of the electric one for €22,900. Patak Motors plans to have the first vehicles roll off the assembly line in 2023/2024. You can book the Patak Roadster online now at, with or without a roof, in 5 bold colors. The reservation fee is only €600.

Team Patak Motors

Patak Motors, s.r.o. is a Slovak company behind which is a team of enthusiasts, car lovers and designers together with more than 100 years of experience in the automotive and manufacturing industry.

Andrej Hulala is the author of the idea, key designer and project leader. With a history as an automobile racer, designing the Rodstra is the fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

Michal Vršek has experience in structural engineering and production. In the past, he worked for clients VW/Porsche, Nissan, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot and Citroën.

Norbert Klement is the main designer. He designed and built vehicles for the Paris Dakar Rally, worked for large German manufacturing plants, and we have listed at least the most important.

When creating the design, Patak Motors teamed up with the world-renowned design studio EVEKTOR, on the gearbox for the Rodster electric car, they collaborated with the Czech Technical University in Prague. However, many more experts participated in the project.

In case of questions or interest in test drives, do not hesitate to contact us at: More information and images for free download are available at

Technical specifications:

1/ Electric drive version 1

Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Power (kW): 15(30)

Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 7

Maximum speed (km/h): 130

Battery capacity (kWh): 10

Range (km): 100

Weight without battery (kg): 450

Number of seats: 2

Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

2/ Electric drive version 2

Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Power (kW): 15(30)

Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 7

Maximum speed (km/h): 130

Battery capacity (kWh): 20

Range (km): 250

Weight excl. accumulator (kg): 450

Number of seats: 2

Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

Electric vehicles come with display of battery charge as percentage, on-board computer, braking energy recovery and 12 V - 55 W socket.

3/ Version with gasoline engine

Engine type: 4 stroke engine with water cooling, single cylinder 4 valves OHC

Transmission: CVT

Power (kW): 15

Acceleration 0-50 km/h (sec): 9

Maximum speed (km/h): 125

Average consumption

per 100 km (l): 5.6

Tank volume (l): 35

Weight (kg): 450

Number of seats: 2

Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 3360x1360x1395

All vehicles come with:

● four disc brakes


● three-point self-retracting safety belts

● immobilizer

● adjustable seats

● compartment on the dashboard

● rollover protection frame

● electric locking

● electric window control

● windshield wipers with cycler and washer

● rain protection (for version without roof)

● 5 basic colors (more for extra charge)

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