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Latest news Slovak car makes the journey to work a pleasure
Aerial goggles, wind in your hair, flies in your smile and girls spinning. We're whizzing along at 60 in an orange roadster, but for us it's an unearthly speed at that moment. This cheerful little roadster from a new Slovakian...
We won the Special Prize in the National Design Awards 2023!
In the National Design Awards 2023, we won the Special Award for Andrew Hulala and Patak Motors, for the Patak Rodster electric vehicle in the Work & Mobility category.  Thank you for recognizing our work! The most original car for the city. We drove the Slovak Patak Roadster
It looks almost like a toy or a retro formula reminiscent of Italian machines from the 1930s. And that's actually the intention. The Patak Rodster promises fun behind the wheel, can be driven from the age of 16 and wants... Slovaks have developed a city car for pleasure. Interest in propulsion divides Europe into West and East
It's called the Rodster and you can have it either with a petrol engine or as an electric car, with or without a folding roof. It was developed by the team at the newly established Slovak company Patak Motors. Read... The Slovaks built a roadster for 16-year-olds. They will offer electric and combustion versions
Slovak company Patak Motors will start producing a small roadster in the middle of next year, which will be able to be driven by 16-year-olds. It will be powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor with a power...
Article in Nový Čas
Clarkson, Hammond and May marveled at the Slovak rarity. Our startup offers a car that has no parallel in the world
Fontech Startitup: The legendary trio from the show The Grand Tour (TGT) and originally from Top Gear also visited Slovakia and tried a real Slovak rarity during the filming of a new episode for Amazon Prime Video. It was produced...
Lautomobile - Patak Rodster, a two-seater for everyone.
Patak Rodster - an open-air two-seater with a vintage look in the pure style of the 20s / 30s gives hope that traditional internal combustion engines can still coexist with battery-powered variants without any problems, as the vehicle has a...
The French magazine Detours draws attention to a new vehicle on the market!
Who said an electric car has to be boring? The Patak brand summarizes its ambitions with a simple question. In an effort to combine sleek retro design, driving pleasure and energetic sobriety, Patak has produced a timeless gem of Rodster...
The prestigious wrote about us!
Do you live in the city and are you completely ready to find a suitable parking space for your large SUV or crossover? The Slovak start-up Patak Motors gets everything and comes with a small amusement machine, which you can...