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1. When is the right time to book your vehicle?  

We recommend reserving sooner rather than later. The sooner you book a vehicle, the sooner you can hit the road and enjoy the drive.

2. What happens when the reservation is paid?

After paying the booking fee you’re added to the waiting list – you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with info about next steps.

3. Can I pay a booking fee from anywhere in the world?

Sure - but the vehicle will be homologated and can only be used in EU countries.

4. When can I configure the vehicle in detail?

After we’ve launched the detailed vehicle configurator that we’re currently preparing. We’ll inform you when its available.

5. What happens after I have booked a vehicle and been approached for a detailed configuration?

After the detailed configuration, we’ll sign the purchase contract and you’ll be asked to pay a deposit for the vehicle. After the funds have been credited to our company’s bank account, the configured vehicle will enter into production. As we want to ensure the distinctness of these vehicles, production is largely handmade and unique.

6. Why don't I receive a serial number after paying my reservation?

Because of potential order cancellation, as the number provided when booking may then become invalid.

7. When and why can I cancel my reservation?

 The reservation can be cancelled at any time and for any reason, it’s your call. But we’re confident that we will retain your trust, and you’ll have no reason to cancel your reservation.

8. If I cancel my reservation, will my funds be refunded?

Sure. It’s very easy to cancel a reservation. Just email with "withdrawal from contract" form details, which is part of the email with the reservation contract. This form is also available in the website footer. Your funds will then be refunded. The amount refunded will be reduced by a handling fee.

9. Is the configuration created during reservation binding? Can it be changed?

Yes, it can be changed. The configuration created when booking is not binding. After submitting the detailed configurator, a new configuration can be made without having to cancel the reservation – in this way you retain your position in the waiting list.  

10. Where can I test drive the car?

We are currently expanding our network of sales and service points where you will be able to view vehicles and arrange test drives. And we’ll regularly inform you about where vehicles will be located via the e-mail you provide during the reservation or in the newsletter.

11. I haven’t paid the reservation fee yet. Will I still be informed about test drives?

We will inform all registered applicants, including those who have not paid for the reservation. But clients who have paid the booking fee will have priority for a test drive.  

12.  When will my vehicle be delivered?

Clients will receive the first vehicles during 2024. You will know your delivery date when signing the purchase contract.

 13. Where can I pick up the vehicle?

At your nearest distributor.  

14. What’s the vehicle warranty?

Two years or 100,000 km.

15. Where can the vehicle be serviced?

At our sales and service points, or any authorized or reputable service centre.

16. What category is the vehicle?

L7e-A2 category, i.e. a heavy road quad bike. The vision for our vehicle was to combine the benefits of both worlds - car and motorcycle - and we believe that we’ve triumphed.

17. From what age can a L7e-A2 category vehicle be driven?

This country-specific depending on the applicable legislation. In most European Union countries our vehicle can be driven from 16 years of age; and in Germany, Italy and Austria from 18.

18. What driving license class is required to drive the vehicle?

B/B1 driving license

19. Must a helmet be worn for category L7e-A2 vehicles?

Our vehicle has seat belts so this is unnecessary.

20. Can I park the vehicle in motorcycle spaces?

In most European Union countries you can park the vehicle in motorcycle spaces, but parking spaces for motorcycles cannot be divided by 80 cm. As each country has its own regulations in this regard, parking options need to be checked with current legislation.

21. Do I need a highway stamp? And what about a parking permit?

This is unnecessary in some countries. Please follow the applicable country legislation.

22. Are insurance terms more advantageous for the Rodster?

Our vehicle is category L7e-A2 (heavy road quad bike), so insurance is usually more advantageous than for car insurance. But financial institutions have their own specific prices and conditions.

23. Is the vehicle suitable for winter use?

Yes, and you’ll have a great drive. The vehicle also has internal heating. So you can enjoy during the winter too. But remember that most countries require winter tyres to be fitted.

24. Why did you opt for a retro-style vehicle?

Because the market was lacking anything like this, and retro design is always fashionable. You’re buying a timeless product that you’ll enjoy for many years.

 25. I'm considering the roofless Rodster NR. Will the vehicle be protected from bad weather?

Sure, no problem. The vehicle will be protected from bad weather when parked. This version will come with a standard interior cover that will protect against rain, snow and wind.

26. Can I use the vehicle outside the EU?

Unfortunately not. It will currently only be homologated for EU countries. But if you are interested, we will try to satisfy customers outside the European Union.

27. Why is there an asterisk next to technical data? What does that mean?

The data may have minor variations. We’re still compiling the technical data to achieve the best possible related parameters.

28. What will happen to the vehicle's battery after use? How will it be processed?

We either recycle the battery or use in other energy solutions such as solar system storage.